My Favourite SNES Games

Gaming consoles have been a part of just about every childhood. If they weren’t a part of yours, your parents probably didn’t love you. Growing up my household owned a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). I still think this is one of the best consoles ever made and in fact still own this console and get it out from time to time to play and relive so many great memories.

I can remember sitting and watching my older brother and cousin play and finish games but they would always tell me I was too young and they never gave me a turn. When I eventually got my chance though I spent hours on end playing games and clocking many in the process.

Some of my favourite games that I owned are:

Super Mario All Stars

This was four Mario games in one. Very cool. My order within the four was Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels and then Super Mario Bros 2. I have finished all four more times than I can count.


Super Mario Kart

Another Mario game but certainly not the last that will features on this list. Mario Kart has a series of games over a number of consoles but this was the very first of them. It didn’t matter if you were playing single or multiplayer, this was always a entertaining game to play.


Yoshi’s Island

Yes it’s another Mario game, but this one is different. In this game Mario is a useless and vulnerable baby and instead you actually control Yoshi the dinosaur. This was completely different to any Mario game I had played previously and I loved it. Completed this numerous times.


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

While I had played the original Donkey Kong game on the SNES, I never actually owned it so this was my favourite DK game. There were many cool hidden stages and tokens and this is a great multiplayer game. Clocked this game on many occasions.


Super Mario World

Okay this is the last Mario game in the list. It is also my favourite of the Mario games. While this game was in some ways similar to previous Mario games, it was also quite different (If that even makes sense). This game was quite long but I still managed to finish it a handful of times.


Street fighter II

A sequel to the arcade classic I believe this set the standard for fighting games and it remains one of my favourite ever fighting games. It’s a shame the movie was terrible, Ha.



Two on two basketball with no fouls and players can do incredible slam dunks that are physically impossible. This game was epic. There were so many good catchphrases. Great game to play against somebody else. Boomshakalaka.


Mortal Kombat 3

The improvement from MK2 to this was massive. The special movies, the fatalities, the famous Finish Him line, this game was simply brilliant. If you wanted to gain bragging rights against somebody, this was the game to do it on.


Turtles In Time

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a side scrolling beat em up game where they travel through time… This is pure awesomeness. I remember this game somehow went missing after lending or swapping someone for a game. Never do that again.


Super Ghouls & Ghosts

This is possibly the most difficult game I’ve ever played. I have only finished this in its entirety twice and it is probably the game I have spent most time playing. Nonetheless it is an awesome game with awesome music.


Super Double Dragon

The ultimate beat em up game. The best game to play with two players. Me and my brother have finished this game more times than I can remember. Although like Street Fighter, it’s also a shame that this movie was terrible.



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