Stop Comparing MMA and Boxing

During a recent press conference somebody likened and compared Boxings pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather with the UFCs pound for pound best, Anderson Silva. Floyd responded to this by saying he didn’t even know who Anderson Silva was.

“This is boxing. I’m not disrespecting nobody. I respect the guys and whatever they do, but this is boxing. I don’t know that guy,” Mayweather added to this by saying, “Tell me he’s been at the top for 17 years? … [He has a] half a decade more to go, then talk to me.”

Is it true Floyd has never heard of Anderson? I’m not sure. But I found this response quite humorous. I hear it all the time and let me say this, you can’t begin to compare boxers with mixed martial artists.

Comparing boxers to MMA fighters is about the same as comparing a singer to a painter. Make the singer paint, they probably can’t. Make the painter sing, they probably aren’t real good. Boxing and MMA are completely different. Boxing aims to achieve getting one thing completely correct while the modern MMA fighter must work on getting many aspects to a certain level. I know some may bring up the point that boxers have gone to MMA and been beaten. This is true, but also MMA stars have tried boxing and failed.

Fact of the matter is, put a boxer in with an elite MMA fighter, they get owned. Put an MMA fighter in an elite level boxing match, they get owned. People should stop comparing the athletes and making up hypothetical what ifs but rather appreciate each sport for what they offer.

Anderson Silva fights this weekend, watch him and appreciate his skills in the sport. In two months when Floyd fights Saul Alvarez, watch and appreciate how good he is at his sport.


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