Is ‘The Pirates’ The Best They Can Do?


20 thousand plus people turned out to NIB Stadium in Perth yesterday to watch the South Sydney Rabbitohs play the New Zealand Warriors. I believe this very vocal and passionate crowd proved that a team based in this part of the country could be successful in an NRL expansion.

A team by the name of the West Coast Pirates have been placing a bid to be the team to enter should an expansion to Western Australia occur. This is hopefully a real chance of getting approved and exciting for the people of Perth who live in a town with not one, but two teams in the AFL.

However, this name ‘The Pirates’, reminds me of a name you’d give to a custom team in the Rugby League Playstation game. Is this really the best they can come up with?

When I think about it though, there’s probably a few team names that sounded strange from the beginning. Maybe I’ll get used to it if it eventuates. In the mean time lets discuss possible better names?


One comment

  1. True Pirates is pretty lame. But so are a lot of team names. Sea Eagles? The Cats? The Saints? Snore.

    This while: The Velociraptors, The Tanks, The Apocalypse, The Quasars, The Monsters is all yet to be taken by any team :S

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