Hmm, New Batman Revealed…..


Since the news was released of a Man Of Steel sequel, (set to be released in 2015), there has been excited geeks worldwide. I’ll admit, I am one of them.

 While I enjoyed the most recent movie adaptation of DCs Superman character titled Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill, I wasn’t blown away. I believe this movie was mostly about explaining the story and origin of Superman and indeed setting up for a sequel.
When the sequel date was released with a few minor details I was excited to see how they would expand on the storyline. The major thing that excited me was Superman will be going head to head against Batman.
Batman has been among one of my favourite superheroes for a long time. Although I knew Christian Bale would not be reprising his role that he portrayed brilliantly in Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise, I was eager to see who would be cast next.
I initially heard rumours that Scott Adkins, star of Undisputed 2 and 3 may possibly be getting the role of Batman. This really excited me as Adkins is a great martial artist and I believe this would make for appealing scenes. Unfortunately, this was not true.
Warner Bros. have confirmed the actor set to play the caped crusader and I am now a little less excited for the movie. It is Ben Affleck. While Affleck is a great actor with an outstanding career, I’m skeptical about this casting choice.
I think when it comes to portraying the alter ego Bruce Wayne, Affleck’s great acting skill will shine. But do we remember when Affleck last played a superhero? He was Marvels character Daredevil and I think many will agree this was mediocre at best. Don’t forget Batman is a ninjutsu master and I just can in no way shape of form see Ben Affleck pulling off a convincing fight scene. But, I guess only time will tell.
Although I’m a little less excited, I will still no doubt make the trip to the cinemas when this is finally released. Hopefully directer Snyder and producer Nolan put things together and Affleck can do some justice to the Batman character.

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