Mundine v Mosley


He is a three division world champion and future hall of famer, but the question on everybody’s lips is whether Mosley, at 42, still has anything left. Will he be able to handle Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine when the pair clash at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in what will be one of the biggest matches in Australian boxing history.

Mosley’s credentials speak for themself. Seven world titles across three divisions, he has been in with some all time greats and has also never been knocked out in his 57 fight career. Yes Mosley has lost 4 of his last 8 fights, however they were at the hands of Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao, Saul Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather, some of the best fighters in today’s ranks.

People have questioned Mosley’s incentive for coming to Australia aged 42. Mosley is however taking this fight very seriously, he believes he still has what it takes to mix it with the big names and hopes with a victory over Mundine he can claim one last shot.

The American has been in Australia for a couple of weeks preparing. With him, the original Contender winner, former world champion and former opponent Sergio Mora, who has been used as chief sparring partner. Mosley is also sparring Australia’s number 1 world title contender Sam Soliman, who fought Mundine on three occasions and knows him well.

Mundine has also used the same trick by flying over former Mosley opponent David Estrada from the US to help with sparring and insight into Mosley’s skill set.

Over Mundine’s career of Rugby League and boxing, he has been no stranger to outspoken rants and trash talking. People over the years have continued to be shocked by comments made, but it seems the lack of talking on behalf of ‘The Man’ which has shocked people most in the lead up to this fight.

The uncharacteristically humble and focused Mundine says, ”He is probably the best credentialed fighter I have ever fought and I want to show him the respect that he deserves.” He goes on to add, ”All that talk from when I was 18 all the way to now – I don’t need to say no more if I do the job. I am going to let my fists do the talking.”

Mundine will have a size advantage over the American but this doesn’t faze Mosley at all. He made clear, “I’ve been in there with way bigger punchers than Mundine so I can’t see myself going down. Vargas came into the ring at 172 pounds (78kg), Mayorga came in at 174 (79kg). And I knocked them out, so it doesn’t matter how big you are, you can’t hide.”

With Mosley being 42 and Mundine 38, it could well be a case of the winner getting one last run at a title shot, while it may be all over for the loser. Who will it be?

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