Mundine v Mosley Called Off

On the eve of the much anticipated matchup between ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley and Anthony Mundine, Mosley has caught a plane back to America, withdrawing from the bout.

The reasoning behind Mosley’s withdrawal was due to a breach of contract on behalf of co promoter, Vlad Wharton and Millennium Events. Mosley was guaranteed $1million for the bout, after receiving an initial payment of a reported $300k (non refundable), the final installment was yet to be delivered, prompting Mosley to withdraw.

Shane Mosley said, “I’m very disappointed with this turn of events because I was planning on making a big statement by beating Mundine, but I was left with no choice but to withdraw, The fans in Australia have welcomed me with open arms, and I hope to return to fight for them one day in better circumstances.”

Mundine tweeted, “I’ve just been told that they have cancelled the fight! The promoter needs to tell us all what happened…I’m very disappointed”

He will hold a press conference at 1pm.


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