Mundine v Mosley Recap

From start to finish, last nights MainEvent boxing PPV at the All Phones Arena in Sydney was disappointing.

Before a single boxer stepped into the venue there was controversy as the scheduled bout between Bilal Akkaway and Jacques Henrisson was cancelled. Akkaway holds 7 victories with 6 KOs, Henrisson has not scored a victory in his 14 fight career. After the NSW Combat Authority heard of the mismatch they canceled the contest. Rightfully so. Boxing is a dangerous sport where casualties can and have occurred and the sport does not need mismatches like this.

The next dilemma came as the boxers began preparations, only to realise there were no gloves to be found, which delayed the undercard. Once this fiasco was sorted and the gloves were delivered, the first combatants would take to the ring.

In the first fight Ahmed Dib (9-0, 5KOs) fought Mike Wanprasert (8-23-1, 2KOs). Without putting in much effort throughout the first round, Dib would control the fight with ease. When Dib finally decided to pick up the tempo in the second round he put Wanprasert on the canvas. Dib would then floor his opponent two times in round 3 and the ref called an end to the contest at 2.48 of the 3rd round.

The next fight would see Sam Ah See (8-0-1, 6KOs) against ‘self trained’ Daniel Roy Maxwell (1-15-1). Ah See would also control action easily without putting in maximum effort. Ah See would pick up the tempo at times, and to Maxwells credit, although never doing anything of significance himself, he survived the 4 round contest. All three judges scored it 40-36 to Ah See.

Next, David Aloua (8-1, 5KOs) would fight 43 year old Mosese Sorovi (22-17-1, 22KOs) in a scheduled 6 rounder. Aloua who measures 191cm would only need 3 rounds against the 175cm Fijian. Sorovi who actually holds knockout power tried hard throwing some big shots but was completely outclassed by Aloua. Sorovi was hurt bad in the very first round, he was then put on the deck in the second round, Aloua would finish the fight 2.37 into round number 3.

Renold Quinlan v Joseph Kwadjo was easily the best contest on this card. Quinlan came out with lightning quick jabs and scored with great uppercuts throughout the fight. Kwadjo had good moments himself, hurting Quinlan in the third round.  It was even throughout the 8 rounds with back and fourth combinations being exchanged. Quinlan scored a unanimous points victory with scores of 79-74, 77-75, 78-74.

The problem with this fight is that Kwadjo was scheduled to fight on the Gold Coast the weekend just past. He pulled out 3 days prior, stating an injury as his reason. If injury was the case, fair enough. But then just days later he is miraculously healed and added to this card. Poor form by Kwadjo and promoters for using him.

The main undercard fight featured two debutants fighting a 4 rounder with 2 minute rounds. However, this fight and it’s result seemed to bring the most enjoyment among spectators. Sacked NRL star Blake Ferguson found out the transition to boxing isn’t as easy when your opponent is young and willing.

When Luke Turner came out and actually showed signs of life, Ferguson was shocked and frustrated. This showed at the end of the first round when he pushed and hit Turner well after the bell had sounded. Turner continued to grow in confidence throughout the bout, out working and out landing Ferguson, who after the second seemed tired and totally hopeless. Turner would win 39-37 on all three judges scorecards.

Just before I get to the main fight I would like to make note of how every fight on the undercard except for (Dib-Wanprasert) and (Turner-Ferguson) were fought at a catchweight. The bouts were originally scheduled for certain divisions,as all usually are, but some boxers came in way over the specified limits, therefore the bouts were fought at a catchweight. Very unprofessional.

Now to the main event of Anthony Mundine v Shane Mosley for the vacant WBA International title. The first round was typical with both guys feeling each other out with jabs. The second was much the same with Mundine landing some good jabs and Mosley doing next to nothing. The third round would see Mosley throw his only significant punch the entire fight, a right hand that wobbled Mundine. Mundine hit back and in round 4 looked to hurt Mosley. As Mosley got back to his corner after round 5, he complained of a sore back. Round 6 would see Mundine land more jabs and Mosley still doing nothing. At the end of the 6th round the doctor checked the American’s troubled back and the fight was stopped, giving Mundine a TKO victory and the WBA International belt.

mundine w

Did Mundine control the first 6 rounds? Yes. Was Shane Mosley giving his best effort? Well, that is up to the viewers to decide. I say no.

Mosley, the future hall of famer has been in with the best boxers of this generation and some of the best ever, having gone the distance with every one of them. To see a stoppage loss on his resume now, is really disappointing. Perhaps his back was genuinely injured, which made him unable to perform, hence how Mundine was able to dominate for the 6 rounds the bout did last. But at this stage of his career, I am questioning Mosley’s intestinal fortitude and have a suspicion he was never going to put up a valiant effort that we would have been guaranteed from him in the past.

The fact that this event has once again left the public dissatisfied, giving Australian boxing bad publicity is what disappoints me the most. When the casual boxing fan only tunes in to these events and witnesses the rubbish involved, they are annoyed and no longer want to give other Australian events a chance, which is a shame for all other fighters out there.


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