Top 10 Sports Movies

Sports movies are one of my favourite genres. I recently begun to think, what is my favourite sports movie? Unable to choose just one, I decided to make lists of the best ones categorised in different sports. Many you will see in my lists have been based on true stories, which make them even better.



10. The Waterboy: Adam Sandler at his best.

9. The Longest Yard: Whether it’s the 1974 or 2005 version, both are great.

8. The Replacements: Great sports comedy.

7. Jerry McGuire: “Show me the money.”

6. Invincible: Based on the true story of former NFL player Vince Papale.

5. Gridiron Gang: Loosely based on the story of the Kilpatrick Mustangs 1990 season.

4. We Are Marshall: The true story of Marshall University rebuilding process after 1970 plane crash.

3. Any Given Sunday: The best movie speech EVER.

2. The Blind Side: True story of NFL player Michael Oher’s journey.

1. Remember The Titans: Have seen this dozens of times and it remains as powerful as when I first watched.

Honourable mentions to Friday Night Lights and The Game Plan.



10. The Air Up There: A funny family comedy.

9. Above The Rim: A strong sporting drama. Has Tupac in it. Cool.

8. More Than A Game: Wasn’t going to include documentaries, but this is too good. Follows
Lebron James and his high school team.

7. Hooisers: While not based on a true story, it is inspired by a true story.

6. He Got Game: The brilliant Spike Lee directs the great Denzel.

5. White Men Can’t Jump: Snipes and Harrelson are a great team in this awesome comedy.

4. Spacejam: May be for kids, but it’s still awesome

3. Glory Road: Based on the true story of the Texas Western College’s 1966 team.

2. Rebound: The Legend of Earl ‘The GOAT’ Manigualt: You’ve probably never heard of him, this is the story of the greatest basketball player ever.

1. Coach Carter: Great movie. Nuff said.

Honourable mentions to Like Mike and Semipro



10.Bang The Drum Slowly: The movie which made De Niro famous.

9.Major League: Very amusing and fun movie.

8.Bull Durham: A sports movie rated R because of swearing, sex and nudity. Awesome.

7.Bad News Bears: I’ve only seen the 2005 version, which is very funny, but apparently the original 1976 version is better.

6.Mr 3000:Bernie Mac at his comical best.

5.The Rookie: True story of MLB player Jim Morris.

4.Moneyball: Based on the true story of the Oakland Athletics’ 2002 season.

3.The Sandlot: One of my favourite movies growing up. It remains a classic.

2.Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” Great movie.

1. 42: The true story of Jackie Robinson, the first African American player to break the race barrier and play in the Majors.

Honourable mentions to Ed and Rookie of The Year.



10. Price Of Glory: A really good boxing drama.

9. Rocky Marciano: Tells the story of Rocky Marciano from childhood to death.

8. The Raging Bull: The story of Jake Lamotta.

7. The Fighter: Illustrates the life of Micky Ward.

6. Million Dollar Baby: Who knew a movie about female boxing could be so compelling.

5. Ali: Shows the life of Muhammad Ali between 1964 and 1974.

4.The Hurricane: Depicts the events which seen Rubin Carter wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years.

3. Cinderella Man: The story of James J Braddock.

2. Warrior: I know it’s not boxing, but this MMA movie was incredible.

1. Rocky: This is the entire series. The first 4 are absolute classics.

Honourable mention to Resurrecting the Champ. Also Can I give an honourable mention to Real Steel? This movie was surprisingly good.


I would also like to give mention of Hockey movies Goon, Miracle and another one of my favourites as a kid, The Mighty Ducks. Golf movies The Legend of Bagger Vance, Caddyshack, Tin Cup and Happy Gilmore need to be mentioned too. Who knew golf movies would be so good. I didn’t know whether this next movie qualified for the Baseball genre or the Basketball genre, so I’ll put it here. It’s the hilarious BASEketball. Lastly I have to mention one of my favourite movies ever, Cool Runnings.


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