Police Need Better Training

I have discussed this topic with people recently, and now that I have been seeing a lot of headlines lately I’ve decided to share my opinion with everyone else.

We’ve heard the stories/seen the videos of Police gunning and taking people down with excessive force. Well I believe many of these situations could easily be avoided.

I find it ridiculous that Police aren’t trained in any form of hand to hand combat. There really should be a martial art based tactical training system they must be competent in. I also think officers should have to pass a fitness test every 6 months.

This training ensures they aren’t so reliant on pulling a taser or gun, but rather neutralise a situation using trained manoeuvres, plus a martial arts base can also be known to keep people calm in high pressure situations.

A story of a 15 year old girl being tasered in Townsville after attempting to strangle a police officer has made news this week. My main question is how can a grown man not fend off and take down a 15 year old female without the use of a taser? If he had any form of training this could have been avoided.

The disturbing video of a Californian officer beating a women on an LA freeway a few weeks ago also blew me away. There is no need for that type of force to an unarmed women under any circumstance. Once again if he had any understanding of proper restraints and holds this would not have to happen.

Shooting unarmed suspects is another scenario that could often be avoided if people were able to keep calm in situations and were confident in their own acquired skills.

If you’re wondering what the type of martial art should be, well I’m not entirely sure. I think a Krav Maga type system, focusing on a mix of Boxing, Judo, Wrestling and Jujitsu would be more than enough needed. Whatever it could be, I strongly believe some sort of training should be implemented, as it is only going to assist the officers and also the civilians they are payed to serve.


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