Power Over The Mind Can Defeat Anything 

Life is such a crazy experience that throws up so many variables at unexpected times. 
While this unexpectedness is what makes life fun, it also guarantees that people are going to hit obstacles. Some that hit so hard they seem almost impossible to overcome. 

You are on top on the world one day, then the next you can’t sleep, can’t eat, and your mind begins to put thoughts in your head that shouldn’t be there.

Whatever you do though, don’t let the sadness, regret, guilt, frustration or anguish consume you.

The human mind is a powerful weapon, which you can use for or against yourself.
When it gets you fixated on the negative, tells you you’re worthless and there is nothing left to give, prove it wrong.

Understand that you ultimately have control over everything that enters your mind. You are strong and in control. Fight back and blast the negative thoughts away with positive energy. 

Tell yourself you’re bigger and better then any situation and surround yourself with positive people. 

Also look back through historical battles… How many people went to war and fought by themselves? None!

Everybody needs friends to fight beside them in battle. When you feel like you’re fighting an uphill climb, when you’re struggling, ask a friend for a push. There is nothing wrong with getting a helping hand. 

Over time mankind has proved again and again that when we work together there is nothing we cannot achieve or overcome. 

Always remember, you are important and people care about you! 

Good people will one day get rewarded, so try not to let the temporary hurt and frustration change your character. 

This struggle is all part of a strange process of improvement. Overcome it and you will be better for it.  


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