HJs Guide to Style

Stop with the SWAG, and get some STYLE.

All trends go in and out of fashion, that’s a guarantee, but class and style never will.

There is a saying, “Dressing well is a form of good manners,” so to help you brush up on your manners I’ve included a few helpful tips below.

Sizing is possibly the most crucial aspect of an outfit. Make sure you’re wearing the outfit and it’s not wearing you. A jacket and pants too big and you’ll like like you had to borrow dads wardrobe for a court date. Not good.
Also too tight is just as horrible.

Simplicity is the key to brilliance. Yes, this is a Bruce Lee quote, and yes I know he was not talking about fashion, but I like Bruce Lee, so fuck it.
Just keep it simple. You don’t need a lot going on to stand out. As they say, “Less is more.”

Shoes make or break an outfit. They can make a dressy outfit look casual, or a casual outfit look dressy, so wear accordingly.
I suggest buying yourself a killer pair of leather mids and rock those motherfuckers.

Being overdressed is better than being underdressed.
Would you rather receive weird looks for looking fucking awesome, or looks getting mistaken for homeless? Exactly.

Hair and beard is a huge element when it comes to style.
A fresh, slick cut and a few millimetres of stubble should do the trick.
If you’re one of those people still trying to rock a beard, make sure it’s clean and nicely trimmed.

A truly slick outfit should always be finished off and complimented with cologne. Also don’t forget to moisturise, you don’t want dry flakey looking skin ruining your look.

Well that’s about it. Go out and rock your outfits, and remember, Do well. Live well. And dress really well.


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