Rematch 13 Years In The Making

Almost 13 years after first trading blows in the ring, Mark Snook and Ryan Shibasaki will meet again when they go head to head at the Bohle Barn on June 11.

In 2003, a very raw Snook stepped into the ring for his first bout against Shibasaki. “He belted me pretty good, and I’ve wanted a rematch ever since.” Snook stated.

Mark Snook and Ryan Shibasaki face off ahead of their June 11 bout

Snook, now considered a veteran after sharing the ring with some quality names over the years, which include Paul Fleming, Fred Mundraby, Trent Wherman and Liam Paro, to name a few, is feeling confident.

“I was not prepared physically or mentally the first time, but now with experience I feel a level of confidence going into each fight.” Snook explained.

Shibasaki, also much improved in his own right knows it’s going to be a much different fight but is poised in his lead up.

“We were just kids when we first fought and are both much more experienced now.” Shibasaki stated.

“Snook has had a lot of fights, but I dare say this will be the fittest I’ve been going into a fight.

I’ve been training and dieting hard and I’m keen to test myself against a solid fighter.” He added.

This fight will be part of a full card featuring locals and fighters from all across North Queensland. Doors open at 5pm with bouts due to commence at 6pm. Tickets available at the door.


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