Sherrington Eyes Fletcher or Geale

sherrWith Aussie Middleweights Daniel Geale and Jarrod Fletcher each suffering defeats over the past couple of weekends in their attempts to claim world titles in the United States, many are questioning what is next for each fighter.

One person particularly interested in this question is Toowoomba based Middleweight Les Sherrington, who seeks the opportunity to set up a showdown with either fighter.

Sherrington was quick to praise his fellow countrymen, saying, “Gealey and Fletch fought two great fighters, big props to them for going over to the States and giving it their all.”

“I however believe I have put myself in a position to face either guy, and would love a shot.”

“I firmly believe I am capable of beating them both.” Sherrington added.

Having formerly held a top 10 ranking with the WBO, Sherrington dropped after suffering a defeat late last year at the hands of now IBF champion Sam Soliman.

Sherrington stated his ambition to return to that level and perhaps even earn himself a rematch.

“I had a shocker of a fight against Sam, and really feel I am a much better fighter than what I was when we fought last time.”

“I want to fight the best Middleweights out there, hopefully I am only one or two fights away from being rated as high as I was and I get myself in line for a shot with one of the champions.”


“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”… WRONG!

ntagasf“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Perhaps the most famous quote from perhaps the most famous supermodel in history, Kate Moss.

This expression has also been adopted and used among those people who like to overly express their clean and fit lifestyles.

I say these people are WRONG, and will give 100 examples of things that in fact taste better then being skinny feels.

Before I begin however, I’ll give Kate Moss and these others the benefit of the doubt, they may never have tasted the following things I am about to name (highly unlikely), either that or they’re straight up lying.

Also I would like to say it is very important to fuel your body with the correct foods and I respect and admire people who are committed and dedicated to a healthy eating regime.  Being a competitive boxer I have had to adhere to diet plans from time to time, and find it extremely difficult, so kudos to those that remain on strict diets year round, no doubt it is improving your life and well being.

Let me also make this clear, in no way am I trying to influence people into eating the following foods or live an unhealthy lifestyle. The following are obviously not good for your body, I am simply saying they are fucking delicious.

Okay here we go. Note* These are in no particular order, except for maybe Nutella as first.

Nutella, Bacon, Pizza, Maxibons, Subway Cookies, Oreos, Fruit Loops, Nachos, Magnums, McDonalds, Pies, Sausage Rolls, Hotdogs, Malteasers, Twisties, Coco Pops, Chips and Gravy, Chocolate Milk, Ice Cream, Nutri Grain, Chocolate, Cheezels, Snickers, Pluto Pups, Mars Bars, Tim Tams, Doritos, Twix, Drumsticks, M&Ms, Chips, Hungry Jacks, Cereal, Red Rock Deli chips, KFC, Chinese, Picnics (as in chocolates), Kebabs, Cream Buns, Doughnuts, Honey Puffs, Profiteer Rolls, Waffles, Red Rooster, Roast, Chicken Wings, Ribs, Garlic Bread, Cheesecake, Mud cake, Mac and Cheese, Lasagne, Milo, Baked Potatoes, Caramel Slice, Jam Drops, Chocolate Éclairs, Cookies, Muffins, Pancakes, French Toast, Chicken Nuggets, Brownies, Coke, Custard, Dunkaroos, Hashbrowns, Pudding, Chocolate Mousse, Kit Kats, Pasta, Milky Ways, Ravioli, Noodles, Chicken Parmigiana, Spaghetti, Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Pork, Chicken Crispers, Bread (sandwiches), Lollies, Wagon Wheels, Chocolate Bavarian, Shortbread Creams, Dip, Cheese, Apple Pie, Caramel Tart, Peanut Butter, Tacos, Fish and Chips (extra chicken salt of course), Whipped Cream, Pork Crackle, Fairy Floss, Toffee Apples, Popcorn, Sticky Date Pudding, Softdrink, Thickshakes, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

If after reading that list you now have that mouth watering feeling and can’t resist temptation, remember eat in moderation 🙂


Unbeaten Aussies Abroad

732992-lucas-browneHeavyweight Lucas Browne (20-0, 18KOs) and Light Heavyweight Blake Caparello (19-0-1, 6KO) will fly the flag for Australia this weekend when each take to the ring in overseas bouts.

Sydney based Heavyweight Lucas Browne heads to Wolverhampton United Kingdom where he takes on unbeaten Ukrainian Andriy Rudenko (24-0, 16KO) at Civic Hall.

Browne, who is promoted by Brittan’s former world champion Ricky Hatton, is extremely popular in the United Kingdom, having fought there four times previously, the most recent a 5th round KO victory in April for the Commonwealth title.

That Commonwealth title victory saw Browne become the first Aussie in 122 years to claim the illustrious belt.

Should Browne dispatch of Rudenko, a world title opportunity doesn’t seem too far out of reach for the heavy handed former MMA fighter,  now ranked in three of the major organisations (IBF #7, WBC #8, WBA #13).

The Heavyweights title hopes were given more boost recently, after linking with one of Australia’s all time greats in Jeff Fenech, who now trains and mentors Browne after being virtually self trained for a large portion of his career.

KovCap640Victorian Light Heavyweight Blake Capparello takes on a test which rivals what Daniel Geale faced against Gennady Golovkin, when he challenges feared Russian WBO champion Sergey Kovalev (24-0-1, 22KOs) at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Much like Geale conqueror Gennady Golovkin, Kovalev has left on a path of destruction on his way to claiming and defending the Light heavyweight crown, with all but two of his victories coming via stoppage.

In contrast, Caparello, who has based himself at the famed training camp at Big Bear California, has only 6 stoppages in his 20 fight career. What Caparello does possess though is slick boxing skill and a defensive game to see him rival the dangerous champion.

This will be Caparello’s second fight in America, after outpointing veteran Elvir Muriqi earlier in the year on ESPNs Friday Night Fights.

The fight can be ordered and seen Live on MainEvent PPV Sunday (August 3rd) 10:30am AEST.

Hooper Dominates Brave Casey


Hooper celebrates his 7th round KO of Joel Casey. Photo via Hooper’s trainer Gareth Williams’ Twitter.

After weeks of antagonising comments over social media, Damien Hooper got his revenge on Joel Casey lastnight at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast.

Casey, 30, was vocal in calling out the 2012 Olympian, but it was 22 year old Hooper who proved much too good, putting on a dominant and career best performance before ending the bout in the 7th round.

From the opening bell Hooper displayed his superior boxing skill, using his extreme reach to land jabs at will.

After 6 rounds of calculated dominance, Hooper landed a vicious body shot in the 7th, crippling Casey and sending him to the canvas.

The veteran southpaw displayed his renowned toughness to answer the count, but Hooper would again land a shot to the body which sent him to the mat.

With the three knockdown rule in affect, Hooper again dug a rip downstairs and with Casey going down he was awarded the 7th round KO.

The highly regarded prospect improves his record to 9-0, 8KOs.

Golovkin Downs Geale In 3

Photo: AFP

                         Photo: AFP

Daniel Geale’s bid to reclaim a world title was unsuccessful, suffering a TKO defeat in round 3 at Madison Square Garden to Kazakhstani wrecking machine Gennady Golovkin, who kept his WBA and IBO Middleweight titles and improved to 30-0, 27KOs.

The bout opened with a very eventful round. Geale found himself on the deck thanks to a strap from a ringside cameraman. Then a timekeeper error seen a 4 min round take place, with Geale getting cut over the right eye towards the finish.  

Round two would see Geale on the canvas again, this time a Golovkin punch was the cause. Geale wasn’t badly hurt and attempted to use his feet and box the dangerous champion, as many expected would be his game plan. Golovkin however was able to cut the ring off and force the Sydney based Tasmanian onto the ropes on multiple occasions.

The power differential was evident, which was demonstrated in the third round when Geale clocked Golovkin with a solid right hand, but simultaneously the Kazakhstani connected with a right of his own which floored the Aussie.

Geale rose quickly, but with shaky legs referee Mike Ortega was forced to wave the bout off, giving Golovkin his 17th consecutive stoppage victory.  

“I connected with a right and thought I was safe. I was wrong.” Geale said post fight.

Golovkin made clear his aim is to now unify world titles in the Middleweight division, offering fights to Miguel Cotto (WBC), Peter Quillin (WBO), and Aussie Sam Soliman (IBF).

He expressed special interest in a fight with Puerto Rican legend Cotto. “I respect him, I respect his style. This is the biggest fight for everybody. For TV, for my fans, for everybody. For boxing.” The hard punching Khakhstani said.

Golovkin v Geale

golovkin-vs-gealeAUSTRALIA’S Daniel Geale (30-2, 16KOs) looks to become world champion once more when he takes centre ring at the famed Madison Square Garden this weekend. All that stands in his way is Kazakhstani wrecking ball Gennady Golovkin (29-0, 26KOs).

On a 16 fight KO streak, WBA and IBO Middleweight champion Golovkin has imposed himself as possibly the most feared man in today’s boxing ranks.

Having built a large support base in the United States, in particularly New York, suggestions have arisen that the Kazakhstani will be future pound for pound king once Floyd Mayweather retires.

As powerful and as highly touted as Golovkin is, one thing is certain, he is yet to go up against a fighter the level of former WBA and IBF champion Geale.

On the other hand Geale, who has never been stopped, has never faced a challenge as big or an adversary as dangerous as Golovkin and will enter as overwhelming underdog.

Optimistic Australian’s believe the Sydney based Tasmanian has the style and boxing smarts to upset Golovkin and hand his first career defeat. If that theory proves correct, it would propel Geale into the Australian history books amid Lionel Rose’s great victory over Fighting Harada 1968.

The fight will be Live on MainEvent PPV from 10:30am AEST Sunday.

SMC in Search for Back to Back Titles

SMC Celebrate 2013's Hughenden Rugby 7s Victory

SMC Celebrate 2013’s Hughenden Rugby 7s Victory

SMC Rugby will look for a second consecutive title when they travel to the Hughenden Rugby 7’s competition this weekend.

An ever expanding group, SMC originated with 11 people at the 2010 Goldfield Ashes cricket carnival. Some four years on, SMC now has over 62 members and compete across Cricket, Basketball and Rugby competitions.

Sean Lynch, a passionate member and initiator of the Rugby branch said, “SMC is a brotherhood of mates that continues to grow every year.”

Lynch was a competitor at last year’s Rugby 7s World Cup held in Russia, where he competed with the Philippine side. Upon returning he decided to get a team together and try their luck at the Hughenden 7s carnival.

The team experienced immediate success, taking first place in their inaugural competition and claiming the $2000 prize money offered at last year’s tournament.

“Hughenden was my first tournament after the World Cup, so I was keen to throw the boots on and play some country Rugby.” Lynch said.

A largely new look side will take the paddock this year, with only Lynch, Alex Parker, Dylan O’Connor, Mitch O’Brien and Andrew Dreger returning from last year’s winning Hughenden team.

“We have a lot of League and Touch players, so there is a bit of Rugby inexperience, however these boys will pick 7s up quickly and SMC will be fielding a much stronger team across the park this year.” Said Lynch.

New additions Mark Page and Alex Munro will be players to keep an eye out for.

Page is a League player, having formerly played with Manly Sea Eagles’ U20 outfit and in the Q Cup competition. Lynch praised Page, declaring, “He is very quick for his size and fit as a fiddle, so will suit the 7s format perfectly.”

“Our scrum half Alex Munro is another player to keep an eye on. He is a very experienced 7s player, having played a lot in Darwin, and was our MVP in last year’s Townsville carnival.” Lynch added.

SMC Rugby would like to give thanks to sponsors GNC LiveWell Townsville, Paleo Café, River View Tavern, Pacific Imports, Dan Thomson Architectural Drafting, FitXpress and North Coast PT.

SMC Team Line-up:
1. Alex Parker
2. Mark Page
3. Mitch O’Brien
4. Alex Munro ( C )
5. Josh Fletcher
6. Sean Lynch
7. Dylan O’Conner

Bench: 8. Tyson Tawhai
9. Chris Thinee
10. Paul O’Neill
11. Andrew Dreger
12. Hayden Hooper
13. Justin Zimmerman
14. Sam O’Neill
15. Justin Bell

Coach: Otto Pozzebon
Assistant Coach: Nick Pecchair
Manager: Steve Costanzo